Issue No. 8 (April 2024)

Missional AI recap, using notebooks to focus, a bundle of LLM releases, and renewing our awe for human ingenuity.

Issue No. 6 (Year-End 2023)

A supersized year-end issue celebrating the exciting work happening at the intersection of Bible Translation and technology.

Issue No. 5 (September 2023)

Several exciting things from the month of September: a Bible translation technology report from the field, ChatGPT goes multi-modal, and why manual work is a bug.

Issue No. 4 (August 2023)

August 2023 did not disappoint! Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and dig in to find some exciting news, resources for learning, and more on AI research + development.

Issue No. 3 (July 2023)

Dive in to explore fresh releases from this month -- freely-licensed content from Tyndale, a new model from Meta x Microsoft, a new project from the ETEN Innovation Lab, and more.

Issue No. 2 (June 2023)

A massive freely-licensed Bible data corpus, successful translation projects, and a parable about a peanut butter sandwich.